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Coachella Valley Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo (CVBJJ) is a family friendly, highly skilled, and safe environment to learn the powerful art of jiu jitsu. As one of the healthiest activities you can do, and you can do it for decades. It is also well suited for both men and women, it’s an easy way to make new friends, and there’s never been a better time to learn than now.

CVBJJ has several programs, including women’s only classes, youth wrestling, and included both traditional gi (uniformed) classes, and no gi classes.

Our instructors are world class in their understanding of the art, and how to teach it to everyone sharing the mat, champions and non-competitors alike. Come by and see for yourself. Everyone is welcome at CVBJJ.



We are proud to offer a variety of specialized curriculums at CVBJJ. There’s something for everyone, so come by and join us on the mat. The first class is always free!


This fierce and sophisticated ground fighting system focuses on submission holds to subdue your attacker. BJJ is excellent for self defense, physical fitness, and dynamic problem solving. Jiu Jitsu is exploding in popularity around the world, and is considered a fundamental discipline of mixed martial arts (MMA).


No one learns faster than a child, so arming your child with self defense skills is a powerful gift. Give your child confidence, strength, and discipline from a carefully guided study of the “gentle art” of jiu jitsu.


Champions are made in our scholastic wrestling program. This ancient sport aims to throw and pin an opponent to the ground, and CVBJJ’s program instills a champions mentality with technical training sessions for junior high and high school athletes.


“CVBJJ is a lot of things. It’s easy to say that it’s is a place to get a good workout, loose weight, and teach kids discipline… but that’s true of any good martial arts studio. What sets CVBJJ apart is that it’s a second family. A place where I can have fun, unwind, and not think about the day’s issues. It’s a place without social hierarchy where people of every background can come together, feel accepted and get along. It’s a place that promotes respect and collegiality. A place you will never see kids making fun of the newcomer who struggles, but instead support them and help them feel welcome. A place of high level training that will challenge you and give you the tools to grow. Come check us out!”

Naren Chandrashekar, M.D.​

“If you are contemplating getting a membership at CVBJJ I strongly encourage you to do so. I don’t even know who is reading this and can say the above statement. IT’S THAT GOOD. If you are a young man sign up. Old men too. Old women go give it a try. They let anyone try for free. Got kids over 4? Get them in there. Want to get fit? Go. Want to build confidence? Go. Need to reduce your stress? Go. Increase your patience, check your ego, become an overall better human? It will do all of that. I have five kids that are all better little humans because of CVBJJ. My wife also goes. Although she’s been pretty spectacular since the day I met her, she will admit that CVBJJ has been a blessing to her and her family. I can’t recommend this place enough. It is a life changer and I’d encourage anyone walking the planet to check this place out!”

Jarrett Overgaag