At Coachella Valley Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we value our student’s time and dedication to their study of martial arts. With that at heart, EVERY CLASS is instructed by one of our black belts instructors.

Class Structure

All CVBJJ classes are based on a consistent and successful structure developed to help our students of all skill levels and fitness reach their goals.
Warm Up & Stretching

Each class begins with a warm up that consists of a variety of exercises, with a focus on core strengthening and jiu jitsu or wrestling specific movements like shrimping, shoulder rolls, and more. A series of stretches follows the warm ups to increase flexibility and prevent injuries.


The technique portion of the class is made up of hands on instruction and drilling with a training partner. Each class has it’s own focus, and usually consists of a wrestling or judo inspired takedown, followed by ground grappling moves. Each technique shown is accompanied by a series of approaches to setup the method, and follow-up tactics to overcome an educated opponent’s defense.


Live sparring or randori, is often referred to as “rolling”. Each class is ended with a session of rolling. Students are paired by instructors based on size, skill, and style to allow them to practice and apply the techniques they have learned against a resisting opponent. This is a detail that sets jiu jitsu apart from many other martial arts. Because of the nature of the art, it is possible to train with a partner at full strength without a high risk of injury. Few other combat systems (if any) offer this opportunity. This prepares the student for a real-life defense situation better than any other practice.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
This fierce and sophisticated ground fighting system focuses on submission holds to subdue your attacker. BJJ is excellent for self defense, physical fitness, and dynamic problem solving. Jiu Jitsu is exploding in popularity around the world, and is considered a fundamental discipline of mixed martial arts (MMA).
Champions are made in our scholastic wrestling program.  This ancient sport aims to throw and pin an opponent to the ground, and CVBJJ’s program instills a champions mentality with technical training sessions for junior high and high school athletes.
Kids Jiu Jitsu
No one learns faster than a child, so arming your child with self defense skills is a powerful gift.   Give your child confidence, strength, and discipline from a carefully guided study of the “gentle art” of jiu jitsu.

Try Your First Class on Us

The best way to understand jiu-jitsu is to try it! Come join us for a complimentary class and see for yourself why the art has transformed so many lives for the better.