2012 Long Beach Spring Open Results

Name Division Weight Class Rank
Aiden Schaffer Grey/Yellow/Junior1 Feather Second
Troy Kirk Grey/Yellow/Junior 1 Super Heavy Second
Alyssa.ayala Ayala Orange/Teen 2 Middle First
Jay Sant Blue/Master Light Second
Manuel De Jesus Blue/Senior 1 Feather Third
Narendra Chandrashekar Blue/Senior 2 Light Second
Steve Hargett Purple/Adult Middle Third
Billy Nyman Purple/Adult Medium Heavy Second
Eric McCown Purple/Senior 1 Light First
David Emerson White/Master Heavy First
Jarrett Overgaag White/Senior 1 Light First

Congratulations to the CVBJJ Competitors!! We took 12 competitors to the Spring Open & brought home 12 medals. Everyone fought extremly tough!