2013 American Nationals Championship Results

2013 American Nationals Jiu Jitsu Championship

Name Division Weight Class Rank
Octavio Garza White/Adult Ultra Heavy DNP
David Michael Champagne White/Master Feather Second
Robert Reinhagen White/Master Super Heavy First
James Navarro Blue/Adult Light DNP
Mark Gilpatrick Blue/Adult Middle DNP
Jonathan Hargett Blue/Master Heavy DNP
Narendra Chandrashekar Blue/Senior 2 Light First
Paul Boughey Blue/Senior 5 Medium Heavy First
Paul Boughey Blue/Senior 5 Open Class First
Christopher William Hargett Purple/Adult Light DNP
Steve Hargett Purple/Adult Middle DNP
Matthew Navarro Purple/Adult Heavy Third
Nate Ticman Purple/Master Feather Third
Jason Sant Purple/Master Light DNP
Troy Brown Purple/Senior 2 Super Heavy First
Troy Brown Purple/Senior 2 Open Class Second

Congratulations to all the guys that competed at the American Nationals, Gi & no Gi this weekend. We are very proud of all of you! Everyone fought tough.