Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2012 Results

Name Division Weight Class Rank
Luis Mercado White/Adult Feather Second
Brent Wicklund White/Master Middle Third
Jay Sant Blue/Master Light Third
Nick Flores Purple/Master Light-Feather Second
Michael Meade Purple/Master Feather Third
Troy Brown Purple/Senior 2 Heavy Third

Congratulations to all students that competed at the IBJJF Pan Championship this year. CVBJJ thanks you for representing the school. We are proud of all the students who participated and put their hard work and dedication on display, notably, Michael Acuna, James Dematteo, Mike Bosch, Ethan Olson, Jaime Sierra, Johnny Jamieson, Vinnie Kandis, Ryan McManus, Sarah Ferrelli, Manuel De Jesus, Narendra Chandrashekar, Ramses De Mara, Steve Cunningham, Eric McCown, and John Robinson!