Pan Kids Championship Results

Name Division Weight Class Rank
Brock Mantanona Mighty Mite 3 Gray Feather First
Erik McCown Pee Wee 1 Gray Light Second
Troy Montana Junior 3 Orange Feather Third
Sergio Ayala Junior 3 Orange Middle Third
Alex Leon Teen 1 Yellow Light First
Wayne Seacrist Teen 2 Yellow Ultra Heavy Second
Jacob Chaplin Teen 3 Yellow Middle Third
Kevin Munoz Teen 2 Orange Heavy First
Trevor Dalskov Teen 3 Orange Light Second
Trevor Dalskov Teen 3 Orange Light Second

Congratulations to all students that competed at the IBJJF Pan Kids Championship this year. CVBJJ thanks you for representing the school and even earning us 3rd place in the academy standings of the Mighty Mite division. We are proud of all the students who participated and put their hard work and dedication on display. These efforts will be great moments of growth in your lives and this art.